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The Majority of Lower back Pain is caused from muscle tension.  By learning how to reset, rebalance and re-energise the muscles you can become pain free.  Many of the techniques on this site will also provide relief for people suffering with other back problems other than muscular.

My aim is to show how to manage and cure lower back pain using mobilization techniques.  

Your body has the ability to heal itself but sometimes needs a little help.  Using specific movements we can offer the body the help it needs.  

Our bodies like to move, many of the functions in the body are dependent on movement.  

We all know how stiff and uncomfortable we feel after a long journey in a plane or car.  After the journey, when we can get out and move around for a few minutes the stiffness begins to ease.

Generally, on a daily basis we only move our spine through a limited range of motion, just like when we are on a plane.

If you never carry out the equivalent of ‘getting off and walking around’ for the back, the stiffness will keep building.

Over time the body will adapt to the stiffness by forming new movement patterns which then begin to have a negative effect on posture. 

Sections of the spine will become almost fixed, with very limited movement.  This will place extra stress on the surrounding areas as they try to compensate.

The problem then goes around in a never ending circle.  

So how do we stop the negative cycle ?

We have to re-educate the body, we have to teach it how to move again.

By carrying out some simple but specific routines you can show your body what it should be doing.

These routines will mobilize, release and strengthen all the areas that need it.

They will enable you to identify problem areas and teach you how to address them.

You will learn compound functional movements that will help protect you from any reoccurrence of the injury.

They will improve your posture by rebalancing the tension in the body.

Let's keep in touch! 

I understand that back pain doesn't go away over night.  This is the reason  I see a better success rate with those people who get ongoing support and advice.

It is far too difficult to find, understand and apply all the necessary information in one go, therefore let me help you by providing ongoing support.

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Most moderately active people will not experience a lot of lower back pain in their lives, this is because by moving they are avoiding the build up of muscle tightness.  

Anytime you are in one position for too long or you repeatedly carry out the same movement over and over again, you create a lot of stress and imbalance.

By Mobilising, stretching and strengthening you can return your back to a healthy condition.

It is not difficult to free up the muscles through mobilisation, stretching and creating better movement patterns, but you have to make the effort to change.

Change the habbits that have led to your condition and introduce some specific work to help your body recover.

Many people when addressing back pain will only focus on the muscles that are the symptom of the problem and fail to reconise the cause - don’t miss the cause of the problem or all your hard work will only create tempory relief.

My aim on this website is to provide the learning tools to get you from where you are now - in pain, stiff, uncomfortable and struggling to move properly, to a place where you can live your life free from back pain.

80% of lower back pain is caused through muscle tension, this tension causes inbalances.

To relieve the pain, we have to understand the problem and rebalance the muscles of the lower back, abdominals, core muscles, mid-back and pelvis areas.

Once we understand what is causing lower back pain, we can use a combination very powerful techniques to rebalance and build a strong flexible back that will cope with everyday life and much much more.

I want to express that this is not just a case of putting up a series of exercises that cover a blanket of lower back pain conditions. What we are doing here is getting you to understand each individual problem and then take you through an effective 'get you out of pain' guide.

We look at posture, flexibility and strength, these are all the factors that will be contributing to lower back pain.

I don't expect you to have to learn the whole anatomy and workings of the lower back. Just learn what is effecting you and then how to correct it.

Our fantastic exercises target the deep postural muscles, it is these muscles that hold your body position and alignment throughout the day.

It is also understood that many of you may not be able to carry out some of the exercises because of the severity of your lower back pain, therefore some alternatives are suggested to enable you to graduate onto the most beneficial exercise for your problem

Most lower back pain can be relieved by following a routine that will take less than 10 mins a day to complete.

In most circumstances it only takes a few exercises to correct the muscle imbalances that you can do anywhere, anytime.

The thing is, you will feel such a great benefits from carrying out the routine that you will more than likely do the routine or part of the routine 2 or 3 times each day. This will further enhance the benefits and strive to get you pain free as quickly as possible.

We all want to build a strong back, but we also need to avoid putting too much tension into your back muscles which can actually cause the lower back pain, effectively doing harm whist trying to do good. Learn how to avoid this but also get the strength you are after.

We look at what may be effecting us in our daily routine and suggest some suitable alternatives. This will again strive to rebalance your muscular system by avoiding overworking muscles through everyday activities like sitting, working, driving, walking, running and many more.

Why listen to me - Who am I ? I am a massage therapist and personal trainer who has been treating back complaints for the last 18 years. This experience has lead me to understand back problems in great depth.

I want to help as many people as possible by passing on this understanding of the lower back and what can effect it and how to help a vast range of problems.